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Super Shine Car Wash Packages

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Single Wash

MouthlynUnlimited Wash


Our entry level wash at Super Shine. Utilizes our powerful dual presoak cleaning method to attack dirt, oils, bugs, and more!

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Single Wash

Monthly Unlimited Wash


The premium Super Shine Experience! This is our HIGHEST value wash, and features everything that our previous packages provide, as well as our exclusive Super Shine “Super Ceramic Shine”, Sealer Wax Weather Protectant, Carnauba Hot Wax, as well as our Undercarriage blast.




Single Wash

Monthly Unlimited Wash


Our middle wash package at Super Shine. Features our powerful 2 Step Wheel Cleaner and Triple Foam Cloud Burst in addition to everything our “Basic” wash provides.


Full Service


Single Wash

Monthly Unlimited Wash


Our Full Service wash experience. This provides customers with an interior cleaning and interior vacuuming in addition to our “Best” Wash package!


Manager Special


Single Wash

The Ultimate Super Shine Experience. This features our “Best” wash package, as well as an Interior Surface Clean, Interior Vacuuming, Hand Applied Tire Shine, Super Ceramic Shine, Extra Strength Wheel Cleaner, and Armor All Protectant.


Package Details

Ultimate Wash Package Details

Super Ceramic Shine

2-Step Wheel Cleaner

Under Carriage

Triple Foam Cloud Burst

Hot Wax

Sealer Wax


Products and Services Summary

Super Shine Dual Presoak

Our signature cleaning process uses both High PH and Low PH soaps to clean oils, dirt, bugs, and other organic and non-organic matter that are found on the surface of your vehicle.

Super Shine 2-Step Wheel Cleaner

Our wheel cleaner is applied in two parts to effectively remove organic and inorganic matter from wheels and rims.

Super Shine Triple Foam Cloud Burst

A tri-colored conditioner that helps lubricate and condition the surface of the vehicle for waxing and drying.

Super Shine Super Ceramic Shine

Our premium and most effective wax. Provides superior weather protection, shine, and dryness.

Super Shine Sealer Wax Weather

Our basic sealer wax. Provides weather protection as well as helping with dryness and shine.

Super Shine Carnauba Hot Wax

Our bubbling carnauba wax. This waxes the surface of the car, providing softness, shine, and prepping the surface of the vehicle for drying.

Super Shine Undercarriage Blast

A high pressure blast to the underside of your vehicle, to help battle against rust, salt, and other damaging materials that may be collected on the undercarriage of your vehicle.

Interior Surface Clean

A full service interior wipedown of the dashboard, cupholders, and other surfaces within the cabin of your vehicle.

Interior Vacuuming

A full service interior vacuuming of your vehicles floors, mats, and other surfaces.

Hand Applied Tire Shine

Hand applied tire shine provides your vehicle with the best and most consistent coverage, to get you that coveted shine!

Extra Strength Wheel Cleaner

An a la carte option to have more wheel cleaner for the most difficult or dirty wheels.

Armor All Protectant

Hand applied armor all protectant

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